Solar Battery Charge Controller by KI0BK

What is the SBCC

The SBCC is a light weight, rugged solar PV panel charge controller, specifically designed to charge SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries from solar power panels in off-grid, longer term, portable operations. The SBCC is also great for field day ops, backpacking, camping trips, or even back yard garden sheds to keep the lawn mower battery charged between mowings!

Same size as the Low Loss PWRgate, perfect for Go-Kits!

Designed for 12 volt systems, Panels from 2.5W (150mA) up to 170W (10Amp)

Just about any 12v PV panel will work

Radio quiet, no radio hash!

Low Loss design, means more energy delivered to your battery.

Simple to setup and use, just plug in a panel and battery!

Solar panel powered, No battery drain at night, <0.1mA

Temperature compensated float voltage, the SBCC will take good care of your battery

Three automatic charging modes, Fast / Float / Equalize

Adjustable float level, 12.5v - 14.5v, factory set to ~13.6v

use with 12v Wet, SLA, GEL, and LiFEPO4 batteries

Uses ARES/SATERN standard power pole connectors

Note: the PV panel PP’s have a different orientation than the battery PP’s,

you can’t hook it up wrong!

The SBCC is the only charge controller specifically designed

for Ham Radio, it will shut down if it detects an over / under voltage

condition, so it will not harm your radios


and more!

We did a lot of research, even buying and taking apart some of the common CC’s on the market, some were expensive and feature rich, designed for on-grid power meter reversing, home setups, and some cheap Chinese made controllers too.  We were surprised to see a lot of through hole parts (1990’s vintage), poor workmanship (parts at odd angles and standing off the board), pc board traces not robust enough to handle the current with out adding lots of extra solder along the trace, and most were built on large heat sinks,

We found price did not guarantee good quality workmanship! 

There is also a lot of hype and mis-information about the different CC’s, PWM (pulse width modulated) vs MPPT (maximum power point tracking).  First, both types will charge batteries just fine, The MPPT type is getting a lot of press, made for on-grid systems where maximum return on investment is very important for home power generation.

For off-grid, standby battery charging, some researchers have found the PWM type of CC is better for long battery life charging, The SBCC is a PWM type of CC. 

What do I need to go Solar! 

Here is a typical solar ham station setup.

Portable setups are similar, usually having a lighter plug jumper cable (for in Auto radio use and charging while in route) instead of a 12v AC power supply. 

A 12 volt PV panel (usually 36 cells), will actually have an open circuit maximum voltage(max Voc) of around 18v to 22v, It must be more then 12v in order to charge a 12v battery.  The other important parameter is the max short circuit current (max Isc) , this is the maximum current your panel will produce in full sunlight.  Most new panels will have a sticker on them with these two parameters listed.  Verify the max Voc does not exceed 28 volts, and the max Isc does not exceed 10 amps.   

Note: 24 volt PV panels are not compatible with the SBCC, their max Voc will exceed the max input voltage of the SBCC.  Most small PV panels, those used in portable operations will be the 12 volt type, the 24 volt PV panels are intended for large home installations anyway.

Next: you will need a battery, there are lots to choose from, and what you use is usually determined by what is available locally, we prefer the 12 volt (6 cell) SLA (sealed lead acid), GEL or AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt), these are usually the cheapest and safest types, as they will not leak acid if dropped and broken, they will not vent explosive gases unless really abused by overcharging (no charge controller in use).

12v wet cell batteries will work too, these are usually “starter” types, not intended for deep discharge, the SBCC will keep your lawn / motorcycle / boat / RV batteries charged too!

The 12 volt (4 cell) LiFePO4 battery is showing great promise as a drop in replacement for the SLA, these are half the weight, and twice the power as a same sized SLA, but are currently very expensive!  Other Lithium types are not compatible with the SBCC.

See our links page for dealers with great prices on 12v Solar panels!

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Here is a link to the manual, Click here to download: OperatingMan.pdf