Low Loss PWRgate by KI0BK


A PWRgate is a simple standby backup power system, it will allow communications equipment to remain operative on battery power during AC power blackouts.  Power supplies and batteries can be swapped out while the equipment remains on with no glitches.


What is a PWRgate?

Low Loss PWRgate in it’s cool blue case!

“This setup is so slick and simple... it’s a no brainer,

I had to test mine 5 or 6 times just because it works so well!”, said N0AZZ

The Low Loss PWRgate uses MOSFET power transistors to switch the load between power sources with less than a 20 miliVolt drop, much smaller then similar systems that use Schottky diodes.  This keeps the power losses to a minimum and delivers full battery power to the load.

The Low Loss PWRgate transfers up to 25 amperes at up to 16 volts dc continuously.  It is a safe way to connect both a 12 volt battery and a 13.8 volt power supply to a load, while electrically isolating both from each other.  Whenever your power supply is on, the supply feeds the load while also charging the battery, keeping the battery healthy and ready for use when the power supply is off or loses AC power.  Switching is instantaneous.

Need more current capability?  Maybe not, can you divide your load into two and use more then one LLPG?   See our blog page for more ways to use the LLPG.

What is the Low Loss PWRgate?

What type of battery should I use?

The Low Loss PWRgate has been designed to use Sealed Lead Acid batteries such as AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or GelCell batteries from 7 Amp Hour to 70 Amp Hour capacity.

Yes, there is a built in Float Charger that will keep your battery fully charged and ready.

News Flash:  The LLPG now has 3 output connectors!   By using the latest low loss MOSFETs (< 0.002 ohms R(on)) available, we reduced the parts count and made room for the third output connector, now you get backup switching and power distribution in one! 

March 23rd, 2014

Where Can I Get one or more?

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Here is a link to the manual, it needs some graphics added but the rest should be complete for now.  Click here to download: LLPGmanualREVC4.pdf   

More Info about the Low Loss PWRgate and other ways to use it on the BLOG page! 

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The Low Loss PWRgate is easy to hook up and use!

The Low Loss alternative to the West Mountain Radio PG-40 PG-40s

LLPG Specifications:

         Max voltage:  16 Volts

     Max current:  25 Amps

         Circuit:  Power MOSFET "OR-gate" with powerpath controller

         MOSFETS:  1 in each path, 60 amp, 20v P-channel

    Voltage Drop:  0.020 Vdc at rated output

Charging circuit:  Schottky diode and limiting resistor, constant voltage float charger

      Connectors:  Anderson PowerPoles, 25A,with three output connectors

            Size:  3.9 x 2.0 x 0.8 in.  ice blue, transparent

   Circuit board:  double sided, surface mount

          Weight:  ~3 oz

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