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Low-Loss PWRgate

Simple, Safe, and Reliable, easy to add backup battery power to your home station or go-kit.

25 Amp total, 3 power outlet ports, ARES standard Anderson Pole Connectors, 3 oz’s

$49.95 + 4.95 shipping USPS Priority mail USA only


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Solar Battery Charge Controller:

Now is the time to add solar battery charging to your station backup power. 

10 Amp PWM smart charger, same size/weight as LLPG

$39.95 + 4.95 shipping USPS Priority mail USA only

Smart Lead Acid Battery Monitor and Alarm:

Monitor your batteries charge state, over/under voltage alarm or listen to its voltage level in morse! 

$29.95 + 4.95 shipping USPS Priority Mail USA only

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